Some thoughts on Oracle SOA Cloud Service

Its been a few weeks now since Oracle released its new and highly fanfared SOA Cloud Service.

So what does this mean to Oracle SOA practitioners?. We personally think that this is an important moment in time, because the tide has finally led us to the existence of a fully fledged SOA platform offered in the form of an iPaaS, to go with a whole set of cloud services which already include: Integration, Process Automation, Document/Content Management, Mobile, Identity, etc.

There’s little doubt that digital disruption is and will continue fostering increasingly complex and sizable hybrid architectures. Web APIs have become the toast of the town and mobile-first strategies are at a premium for organizations looking to keep competitive and generate new revenue streams.

Besides the obvious use cases such as sandbox/dev environments and occasional production workload shifting, this is where SOA CS should jump in as a powerful, attainable and ready made enabler for companies looking to invest on digital transformation.

We just wrote a fairly detailed article about all this for Oracle OTN, including an excellent contribution from Dutch stalwart Robert van Mölken. Here’s the direct link:

SOA Cloud Service in a Nutshell

So please enjoy the article and don’t hesitate to ask any questions or post your comments about it.

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2 comments on “Some thoughts on Oracle SOA Cloud Service

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