Who are the SOA MythBusters?


Arturo Viveros is an outstanding professional currently based in Mexico City, with 11 years of experience in the development, design, architecture and delivery of IT Projects for a variety of industries. He is also a regular speaker in technology conferences, both in Mexico and abroad. He is an Oracle ACE Associate and works as an IT Senior Architect in S&P Solutions.

Arturo is also part of the coordinating committee for ORAMEX (Oracle User Group in Mexico) and has recently achieved the Oracle SOA Certified IT Architect certification as well as the Cloud Certified Architect and SOA Certified Architect grades from Arcitura Inc. He is a certified trainer authorized to deliver the SOA School and Cloud School modules both in English and in Spanish.

Arturo’s technical articles are frequently published on Oracle OTN (Spanish), and his blog (oracletechnocore.blogspot.com) includes also several articles about Oracle technology in both languages.


Rolando Carrasco is a SOA Architect, co-founder and part of the S&P Solutions team in Mexico and Latin America. He’s been working with Oracle SOA since 2003/2004, and his professional career has been focused in the integration space. He worked for HP and Oracle.

In Oracle he was part of the Product Management team with responsibilities in the Latin-American region.

Rolando is also co-director of the Oracle Users Group in Mexico – ORAMEX. This user group is focused on Oracle Technology, and since 2012 has been coordinating activities oriented to deliver events for the community, and among other things to coordinate the OTN Tour.

The projects where Rolando has participated involve the usage of SOA, BPM, Webcenter, Identity Management, Weblogic, Exalogic, and Webcenter. All of those technologies have been implemented successfully in different customers, industries and even countries (Costa Rica, Peru, and Honduras).

Rolando has several published articles/videos at his own blog (oracleradio.blogspot.com) and also in the Oracle Technology Network in Spanish.

Rolando is also an Oracle ACE.


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